Press Release:
New York, NY (February 1, 2012) –

Knowledgeable, riveting, and unique are three words to
describe chef Henri Lorenzi’s new book, The Golden Touch
Olive Oil a Life in Recipes and Prose. According to Lorenzi,
olive oil is not just something we use every day but
something that can improve our every day lives.

A foodie, world traveler and raconteur, Lorenzi gives
readers an insider’s view of his love of olive oil. He digs
deep into the uses, history, health benefits, techniques,
and recipes to pour olive oil into. And, he recounts the
details of his many journeys to find the best ingredients
from the French Riveria to the Scottish countryside, from
the vineyards of Italy to the olive groves in rural Greece.

With artwork ranging from detailed modern graphic designs
and artistic colophons to historical photographs and up-
close photos of Lorenzi’s dishes, The Golden Touch Olive
Oil a Life in Recipes and Prose is a visual feast as well as
source of information about food history.

Illustrating in both words and pictures how to use olive oil
in everything ranging from a Greek salad to a barbecue
dish, Lorenzi reveals his own recipes and breaks down
exactly how to prepare these dishes complemented by
serving tips.

Olive oil is something in all our cabinets and it is waiting
to be served. Added benefits of olive oil include reduction
in cholesterol, risk of plaque obtrusion, blood pressure,
sugar levels, and more. Cooking with olive oil is an easy
way to improve and maintain health and well being;
Lorenzi shares his extensive knowledge about the food and
hospitality business to advocate and advise readers about
healthy eating.

Whether you are a vegetarian, meat eater, or love spices
there are recipes for you. Lorenzi doesn’t miss a beat as he
makes sure to touch on every food group and every food
type. And, his fascinating stories delve into the history
behind his recipes.
A Look Into Chef/Artist Henri Lorenzi’s Treasure Trove of Cuisine & Culture
The Golden Touch
a Life in Recipes and Prose